Donald Shelar is a self-taught artist that was born and raised in the New River area of Southwest Virginia on October 1977. Where he still lives to this day. Coming from a line of natural born talents in many fields, Donald started drawing at a young age, even before he could say his ABC’s. What started as a hobby to pass the time has become a life-long passion for bringing beauty into the world with his art, allowing his subjects to bring peace. While they're hand-drawn and oil-based images of wild and domestic animals, he is also expanding into other topics, such as family members, places, and nature.

Donald's art has been featured in various online sites as well as fairs and festivals in the New River Valley. He is currently one of 64 artists participating in the 2019 New River Art Biennial at the Moss Center in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is also one artist on display in September 2019 at Clayton visual arts center in Raleigh N.C. Also in online art show New Mexico in 2020 and one artist in 2021 Chesapeake rotary art show. His art is featured in Spotlight art magazine July/August 2021.