Lone Wolf

The 2019 New River Art Biennial at the Moss Center in Blacksburg, Virginia opened June 13th. While we did not place, we are still one of 64 who was picked out of almost 400 admissions. Lone Wolf, which was painted in 2017, will be on display from now until the beginning of August.

•Artist-Donald Shelar.                        •Title:Lone Wolf.                                  •Year created: 2017.                            •Medium: Oil on canvas.                    •Signed- by the artist.                        •Edition: Original.                              •Height (in inches) : 24"                    •Width (in inches) : 18"                      •Depth (in inches) 2"                        •The artwork bears the signature of the artist in oil paint. In the bottom left corner. Also on the back in pen with the title.